Ernesto Barreiro

Ernesto Barreiro

About Me

Ernesto Barreiro is a businessman from the Philippines. He is the owner of Barreiro Management Consultancy, a small firm. He is from Manila, the Philippines' capital, and his company is situated there as well. Barreiro has three children and is a family man. Barreiro now resides in Metro Manila, the Philippines' National Capital Region.

Barreiro is the owner of Barreiro Management Consultancy at the moment. This firm provides advice to executives and members of management in order to assist them operate their companies more profitably. Barreiro's responsibilities include not only working with customers on business management issues, but also running his own company.

Barreiro's experience as a small business owner and management consultant has contributed to the development of a distinct skill set. Running his own little firm has allowed him to develop business management abilities.

Barreiro applies his knowledge and expertise to effectively assist his clients on business management issues. Barreiro also has a unique understanding of Metro Manila's ever-changing commercial scene. This is due to the fact that he was born in Manila and owns a business there.

Barreiro was born on March 9, 1967, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was born in Manila, the Philippines' National Capital Region. For many years, he was married to Elenita (her maiden name was Banaag). He had three children with Elenita. There are two daughters, Kristine Dominique and Angelica Nique, among them. Barreiro also had a son, Ernest Adrian, whom he and Elenita named.

In 2008, Barreiro's marriage to former Elenita Banaag was canceled. Barreiro moved in with his partner, Deeda Garcia, in 2010. Barreiro and Garcia have been living together for around 12 years in the Metro Manila area.

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